Monday, June 29, 2009

A tiny masked family!

Here is what I have been stalking! I knew that there was a raccoon outside yesterday... I soon found out it was a little family!! I saw them again this evening and when I went outside a little while ago, the mom and her 4 babies were in the yard!! I didn't get too close, so sorry for the picture quality.
Since we moved from Baton Rouge, I have really missed all of the squirrels in our yard. I wanted some animals to watch. I sure got my wish! Yesterday we saw the one raccoon and then a small brown rabbit. Today I had the raccoon sightings, then the full blown family visit, the brown rabbit was over in the right side of the yard, and I also saw 2 hummingbirds!! YAY!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Show us where you live: Master Bedroom!

You know the drill... it's Friday and the house tour is on at Kelly's Korner! This week it is the Master Bedroom! I love this room in our house! It has cathedral ceilings, even in the bathroom! I tried to use a calming color scheme in here...

This is the view from the hallway into the room
Looking in while actually standing in the doorway.

Josh and I have different nightstands. He purchased this bed soon after we met, as a bachelor, he decided he only needed one bedside table. I am glad he didn't buy two because I don't like everything to be matchy-matchy. His side is the one with the dark wood and the books, mine has the dainty table with a picture of us from our trip to Jamaica!

I am normally not in favor of the TV in the bedroom, but as ya'll know, I was so sick for many months at the beginning of my pregnancy and Josh took some of our tax refund and bought me this little TV. It has a built in DVD player, so we have managed to watch the ENTIRE Star Wars series after we decided to name the baby Luke! ha... The settee beneath is one of my FAVORITE pieces of furniture, ever! We have "sir Charles" the butler waiting on us 24/7 . No home photos are complete without a doggie... there is Dante!
This is the view to the left when you walk in. I am very proud of the picture grouping! I hung it one night and I LOVE IT!
All Half-off at the Hobby Lobby and the ornamental piece was part of their 66% off groupings! yay!

This is the master bathroom (my bathroom). We have those tall base cabinets, so I don't feel like a giant and there is a builder-version-chandelier... I plan on eventually changing that out with something more me.

Here is another view... It has the TALL ceilings too! I love them. I wish my bathroom was just a little bigger though. I think they did a good job with the space by utilizing the ceiling heights. That door next to the potty goes into my closet/linen closet.

Again, thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a GREAT weekend. Please leave me a comment... I love 'em!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Mamaw's house we go... one last time!

Today was the last day of Mamaw's house.... I walked in and it was all empty! Since Josh was not able to go, I took some pictures of things in the backyard where he spent his childhood... and a sleepytime picture of Dante! (he loves warm sheets from the dryer and dives in to drown himself!)
I am tired after my drive, so I didn't really feel much like a post, but wanted to share some really cool pictures!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My baby has a sense of humor :(

So I was hoping to post some awesome 4D ultrasound pictures of Luke today, but he had other plans! We went Saturday to have the ultrasound done and he was facing my back for the majority of the time and when he did turn over, he would throw his hand up in front of his face! The lady told us that we could come back because she hated that we didn't get a good picture. We made an appointment for Tuesday at 4pm!
Today, Josh left work early and came and got me from the house to go to the 4D place. We were excited! Luke was higher up today, but so high he was squished up against the cord and there was not any room to get a good view, then he turned his back to us, and finally he turned to where we could see him BUT... he stuck BOTH hands in front of his face!
We decided that he has a sense of humor and according to Josh "the baby is so beautiful, he thinks it is worth the wait for us to see him when he is born." Ugh!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show us where you live: Playrooms, Laundry Rooms, Bonus Rooms

okay so Kelly's Korner is hosting the Friday house tour again! This week we have a plethora of options: Playrooms, Laundry Rooms, and Bonus Rooms... just so happens that all of those spaces are conveniently located together in my home! Please excuse the mess because Fridays are when I clean and last time I checked, today is Thursday, so the cleaning has not been completed!!

this is what you see when you first come downstairs... Dante is apparently your guide for this portion of the tour! (Notice the dryer sheet next to the coffee table -- courtesy of my hasty relocating of the laundry that you will see in the next picture...I thought I was being slick!)

This is the wall across from the sofa. Notice my laundry/junk reflected in the TV! Sorry. We were down here last night because of the storms, but we rarely seem to use this space. We have it set up this way for guests. The room with the baby gate is a guest room with a futon, and the other room with the door closed is my primary guest room. The open door is a full guest bath. (Oh, and that is Bailey's behind on the left, her crate is over in the corner by the TV and I guess she was going in to tidy up since mama was taking pictures!)
This is the wall that you would see if you were sitting on the couch and looking to the right. You took those stairs to get down here. The first door is my "secret room" or MY PLAYROOM, the door to the right is my laundry room, and the door way to the right goes out to the garage!
So, you chose DOOR #1!! This is my favorite spot in the whole house! Most people do not know that it is even here. They just assume it is a closet! My nephews have no idea that it exists and my SIL and I are always joking about how we need to go hide in the secret room when she visits!
Up close look at my play table! This is where I create and HIDE!
I have so much stuff in here! I got these ITSO storage cubes from Target. They hold almost ALL of my hobbies!
I wanted you to see that even Dante has a little spot in mama's secret room.
This sign is hilarious, but sadly, not true! I love to do laundry! I just got a new washing machine a few weeks ago! I think the sign came from Hobby Lobby.
My kinda weird laundry room. It looked so much bigger when the appliances were not in there. What laundry room has NO OUTLETS in it!? We have to plug our iron in that outlet OUTSIDE the room and then close the door to let down our ironing board that hangs on the door!
So, since this room got he hodge-podge of all the storage baskets we had in random spots over the years, I have fabric to make a little curtain for this bookshelf and to make a little window treatment. Alas... unfinished projects!!!!

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birmingham Baby Shower

Here are the pictures, FINALLY, from my Birmingham Baby Shower! My hostess was my "bestest" friend, Laini! (We have been inseparable since we were 4 years old!) She did such a wonderful job, she thought of the smallest detail. I uploaded many pictures, but it just did not do it justice. I had such a great time seeing everyone and just being back home! Thank you Laini! XOXO

Whew! All done! I got so many wonderful things!! Luke is so blessed to be loved by so many!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here is what made my afternoon so gross! I thought I would take a picture of it in ALL it's glory! I had to take my glucose tolerance test today. This was just a routine test, with a lot of grief attached to it. First, I have been waking up a lot later this week, and I didn't realize that not only did I need to time my drinking of this vile junk, I also could not eat 2 hours prior to the drinking. I woke up after 10am and had my pop-tarts and then when I actually figured out my timeline, I had to eat again by no later than noon. I got to work making some egg salad sandwiches and forced myself to eat one. I was done with it by 12:30pm and was so worn out that I had to take a nap! I have been really tired this week!! I have napped and slept late every day.
My appt was at 3:2opm, but since I drank the yuckness at 2:30, they needed to take blood at 3:30pm. It worked out perfectly because they drew blood while I was waiting to be called back for my appointment. I love my doctor!! She said that she was not worried about the glucose test because I have stayed in really good shape throughout my pregnancy. She said that they would call within a few days only if there was a problem, otherwise I would talk about the results at my next appointment in 3 weeks. I am not worried. I just keep having flashbacks to that orange junk. I think that my experience would not have been so bad except for I have not had a soda for 2 years and then I had to drink the equivalent of a flat one! GROSS....
I am going to try to figure out how to post more than 5 pictures to a post tomorrow so that I can share some of my baby shower!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cankles and Leg Cramps!

This is a pity post because I just realized that there have been no posts from me in 5 days!?! So sorry! Currently you can envision that I am in a GIANT tshirt, in the bed with my laptop on my lap and my feet elevated! I have really swollen feet/ankles and as if that was not enough, I have already had 2 leg cramps in the past hour! All of this is the result of my wonderful Birmingham baby shower!! I had so much fun and I will post all the goodness tomorrow! Thanks for hanging in there with me and wish me luck with my legs!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby nursery wreath!

So blog-fans... This magnificent wreath is what I have been working on! It took me more fabric and more time than I thought, but I think it turned out super cute. I wanted a cute wreath to hang on my hospital door at Luke's birth and I wanted something that I could bring home and actually keep! I searched high and low and all I found were diaper wreaths and I wasn't too keen on them, so I made my own out of strips of fabric! I added a couple of little items tucked away in the wreath and will probably add little mementos as I find them. I plan on opening up an etsy store soon to be able to sell these. I think they would be wonderful shower presents! I am excited to make a pink girly one!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby bumps and such

Here I am at 27 weeks on 5.30.09!! I am sorry I have not uploaded any pictures of me. I am usually on the OTHER end of the camera! :)
Dante checking out Mama's new bump!

My two nerds today at lunch... Dante sits on top of Bailey because she is warm. He just does it to steal her body heat!
Today I slept ridiculously late. Normally I wake up when Josh is leaving for work, but he said I did not even stir. Usually I stay in bed for a little bit and he lets Bailey run around while I snooze. He left Bailey in her crate this morning because he figured I was really tired! How did he know!? Anyway, Josh came home for lunch. I made him tuna salad, so we had sandwiches. I went out later this afternoon and had a cup of TCBY. I have been trying to finish up Luke's rag wreath tonight. I hope to have pictures up of it tomorrow!