Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why didn't you tell me Wednesday?

Okay people... It is one thing for somebody in the house to get sick with a stomach virus, but it is a whole "nother, nother" when your husband starts off your blissful weekend puking and then by Saturday night you have a projectile vomiting (almost) 8 month old with his millionth poop-leaking diaper! Several thoughts were running through my head this weekend in no particular order:

1. food poisoning... I think NOT
2. HOW MANY times can I change a diaper and clothing and the changing table!
3. will I have enough baby wipes and diapers to make it through?
4. HELP!!
5. I hope I don't get sick....
6. Great, TORNADO warnings and golf ball sized hail
7. yuck, more trips to the washing machine
8. Please don't poop/puke on me
9. HELP!!
10. OMGoodness, I just stepped in POOP at 3 am walking back to the nursery? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?
11. When is this all going to end? Surely there is NOTHING left in there?
12. I have run out of all matching pjs and I frankly don't care, let's just see what is left that isn't in the washer/dryer
13. HELP!!

I hope your weekend was better than mine! Thankfully, Josh is better (he now has back problems from being banished to the couch and still cannot really help with Luke, heck, he can barely walk) and Luke is steadily getting better, although the poo issues are still around (geez)!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

we interrupt the silence share a few pictures....
Luke and I enjoyed one of the beautiful days we have been having recently. He was so funny on his blanket out in the yard. He kept picking it up to see what the funny green "carpet" was underneath. Unfortunately, I needed to be on a blanket too because while I was on my stomach grabbing these shots, I also picked up a rash from the grass!! Enjoy...