Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK jr day!

Hello.... Is this thing on?
For the last month or so, Luke has been using EVERYTHING for a telephone (refer to above picture, he even uses my UGGS). It is so funny. Once he finds a "telephone" he goes off and has little conversations with the person on the other end. He even tries to run into his playroom for some privacy! It is so very funny to see what he comes up with each day.

Today we had a rare treat to spend time together as a family on a weekday! Unfortunately, Luke was sick with a fever all night. At 5am, we woke up and took some more generic tylenol and grabbed some milk in a sippy cup and I turned on the TV and watched "Pingu" (a British clay-mation show that Luke has loved for a very long time... we can only find it on NetFlix in case anyone wants to check it out). Finally around 7ish the boys got up and went into the living room and THEY FELL ASLEEP! I knew it was quiet, but I would have never guessed that those two were snuggled up on the couch!
Luke's fever did finally give us the first part of the day to go and eat lunch. We had planned on Chick-Fil-A, and instead of going in and letting Luke play in the playground for the first time, we went through the drive thru and we grabbed some cupcakes for dessert. Of course, we brought a few extras home! After we came home, we played for a little bit and then Luke and I went and took a very long nap. Josh had time to play PS3. After we got up, I tried a new recipe for dinner and we are watching The Bachelor while Luke plays here in the living room. We have had an awesome day and I am so very thankful for my boys!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

uh oh... nooooooo

Getting ready this morning was an adventure. I normally plug in and turn on my hair straightener and give it time to warm up while I go and gather up my clothes for the day, brush my teeth and sometimes I have time to refill the doggy water bowls.... But today... (cue the scary music) MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER WOULD NOT WORK! It never got hot! This is almost as bad as those few times in my life where my hair dryer quit working..... The last time I had a problem with my hair straightener was when Josh and I went to Gatlinburg before we found out that I was pregnant and I was vomiting so violently that somehow my hair straightener hit the floor and split into pieces!
Back to getting ready...
I tried to use my tiny hair straightener that I bought because I thought that I "wanted bangs". It doesn't get very hot so I had to go searching for my old giant barrel curling iron (because that thing gets REALLY hot). I ended up straightening my hair with a curling iron. I think this is very ironic.

Anyhoo, we made a trip to Wal-Mart and I purchased a new straightener. I will let you know how it works out tomorrow. Also on our way home, we smelled a skunk. Luke must have smelled it too because he started shaking his head and saying "soo wee" (shoo wee) and we just cracked up! He is at that age where he just randomly says things or repeats things. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We are going to try to do something fun tomorrow because Josh and I actually have the day off together!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Decades of waiting.....

Sooooo guess what!?

I get to see.... that guy up there today! The Cosby Show was one of the very few shows that I was allowed to watch growing up and I still watch the reruns today and I can pretty much quote them all! I loved his parenting style and his relationship with his "kids" and I can only hope that I will have the grace and the wisdom to emulate that with my own family. I am super excited to finally see him in person today! Thank you, Josh, for an awesome present!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

For a while I have been ignoring my blog while reading all the wonderful posts of others and today I decided (again) to get serious with my blogging. I am determined to just share my day and, of course, the things I love and just let this blog be whatever it is meant to be. I think that I suffered from a combination of bloggy-burnout, stress from school, and time-management issues. I have realized that I love looking back at my old posts and it is a shame that I haven't been keeping up with it like I originally intended.

So here is to a fresh start...

Tonight, I ate reheated pizza from a place I really don't like. My son loves pizza and he wasn't too keen on it either. After not really eating our pizza, we managed to eat some fudge stripe cookies. Don't judge, he wants to eat EVERYTHING that I eat, so we both had to have cookies. I am no sitting on a very lumpy couch. Why is it lumpy? Because I think 50% of all the toys that Luke owns are STUFFED behind the back cushions. I have given up trying to retrieve them for the 45th time today and I will continue my battle after he has gone to bed. I am afraid that my cellphone has now gone to join all the toys behind the couch cushions so I am going to have to sign off! Enjoy a little picture of Luke and Josh and their new nightly ritual of eating ice cream in the middle of the kitchen floor!