Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photography posting

I get a lot of questions via my email and facebook about photography. I think that I am will start sharing some of them here. I know that good photos and techniques are important in blogland, but they are super-important in the everyday world of preserving life's memories. It is highly unlikely that anyone who picks up a camera (either your point and shoot or your fancy DSLR) is going to immediately know how to get the best shot, so I figured that you could benefit from my thousands of dollars of tuition :). hehe

Today we are going to talk about composition. This sounds easy-peasy... right? Well you will be surprised how easy it actually is to take a precious moment from "okay, cool" to "WOW" just by changing YOUR POINT OF VIEW. We are so used to just pointing the camera and clicking. Try getting down at a different level. That cute baby is adorable when you are standing over him, but how about trying a shot at his level? See what a difference your positioning makes!? It turns into a much more dynamic shot!

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