Saturday, August 29, 2009

40 week update

Yesterday was a mess.... I had consistent contractions for roughly 5 hours. They were 10 minutes apart. Magically they just stopped! We called the doc and they said to drink water and if the contractions resumed, to head to hospital. So, we went to Olive Garden, then TJMaxx (to walk) and wow.... contractions resumed. We headed home, grabbed our stuff and headed to the hospital. After 3 hours there (one of which was spent walking the halls) we were sent home.... FRUSTRATION!!!
Today is the actual due date.... so we will wait... and hope....

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  1. I was thinking that you might have gone into labor b/c I hadn't seen you post in a while. Will they induce if you get to 41 weeks? My doc told me she wouldn't let me go past 41 b/c the placenta gets old..whatever that means!