Saturday, August 8, 2009

A baby shower for Josh and Luke!

Josh's staff is so very nice! They threw him a surprise baby shower today. Josh went into work early and was surprised to find his staff there early too! He walked in on their setup of the baby shower. I got a text and later a phone call to be at the branch after they closed at 1pm. Talk about last minute.... I had to find something to wear! I managed to be there on time. The ladies had each prepared a dish, so we had a potluck lunch and cake. They gave Josh some coffee so he can stay awake for the baby, a TrueBlood box set of the first season so he can catch up with Luke (not sure if I want little bubba watching this), a book called "On the Night You Were Born", and a generous gift card to Babies R Us! We had so much fun at the party!!! Thank you all!

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  1. Wasn't that sweet!!!?? Where is Josh working? Is he the BSM? I love their uniforms!