Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why didn't you tell me Wednesday?

Okay.... so pardon me for the LONG pause between these posts, but I have a renewed sense of things and I hope to stay on top of this (at least for a little while).... on to the post....

Why didn't you tell me that some days, my baby would be on a mission.... he would have one goal to achieve, and it would involve three stealthy maneuvers.... he is locked on accomplishing what I have come to fear.... The Baby Trifecta

The Baby Trifecta can come in multiple combinations or in some rare instances it has happened all in one horrible changing table session. I am talking about the horror of not only being peed on, puked on, or pooped on.... but having them ALL happen at once.... all in the same day. Believe me, they have all magically happened at the same surreal moment!!

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