Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Didn't You Tell Me Wednesday?

Why didn't you tell me....

...that one day, I would wake up and realize that MY THIGHS touch. (and NO, that is not me in the above picture)... It is driving me bananas. If it were fall and I were to somehow get myself into my corduroy pants, I think that the friction from walking out of the house to my car would land me in the E.R. because I would have started a fire and obtained serious burns.
Granted, this business did not just start overnight, as much as I would like to think that the "extra baby weight" around my middle has migrated down to my thighs due to mother nature's evil sense of humor and some help from gravity, I blame nursing and my constant hunger during that time!
I have since started working out (last week) and I have greatly modified my eating habits. I am hoping that I will be back to "normal" again in a few months. In the meantime, all of my lounge pants seem to be generating large amounts of pilling in the upper thigh section-- they will probably not last much longer without some intervention. Wish me luck!

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  1. Not just the lounge pants ... I have jeans with worn out inner thighs :( but I'm working it off too!!

    And I totally agree with the nursing theory - they say you burn soooo many calories but you have to refuel and it is something serious lol