Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A birthday!

I spent my morning making THIS! It is the most chocolatey cake I could concoct. It actually turned out great considering there was no formal recipe. I just put in every type of chocolate that I could think of. The cake is a chocolate fudge box mix with dark chocolate pudding, sour cream, and Ghiradelli dark chocolate mixed in. Then I made a chocolate ganache and poured that in between each of the three layers and on the top before I iced it with Hershey's chocolate icing!

Looks like the Birthday Boy enjoyed his Chocolate OVERLOAD!

We went to lunch at Calypso Cafe in Nashville....

And then we went to the ZOO! (it was so very hot and I snuck this picture while we were waiting for our water from the concession stand)

The meerkats were one of the FEW animals that were braving the heat to hang out

After we stopped off at Phonolux, Luke passed out in the car on the way home (this was the ONLY nap he had all day!)

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to the BESTEST husband EVER!

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  1. YUM!!!!!!!!! That cake looks amazing! Happy Birthday Josh!