Friday, January 14, 2011

For a while I have been ignoring my blog while reading all the wonderful posts of others and today I decided (again) to get serious with my blogging. I am determined to just share my day and, of course, the things I love and just let this blog be whatever it is meant to be. I think that I suffered from a combination of bloggy-burnout, stress from school, and time-management issues. I have realized that I love looking back at my old posts and it is a shame that I haven't been keeping up with it like I originally intended.

So here is to a fresh start...

Tonight, I ate reheated pizza from a place I really don't like. My son loves pizza and he wasn't too keen on it either. After not really eating our pizza, we managed to eat some fudge stripe cookies. Don't judge, he wants to eat EVERYTHING that I eat, so we both had to have cookies. I am no sitting on a very lumpy couch. Why is it lumpy? Because I think 50% of all the toys that Luke owns are STUFFED behind the back cushions. I have given up trying to retrieve them for the 45th time today and I will continue my battle after he has gone to bed. I am afraid that my cellphone has now gone to join all the toys behind the couch cushions so I am going to have to sign off! Enjoy a little picture of Luke and Josh and their new nightly ritual of eating ice cream in the middle of the kitchen floor!

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