Thursday, July 23, 2009

In bloom

I was so excited today!!! I have this little plant that I have just loved for several years. I purchased it when I lived in Baton Rouge. Thanks to the extremely warm climate, it lived year-round. Since moving to Clarksville, most every plant I brought with me died. I thought my pink purslane was no exception.... I had good intentions when I brought it inside as the weather turned cold, but I forgot to water it after I became pregnant. When we were cleaning out the bedroom to make it into a nursery, I just stuck the pot outside. Well.... IT BLOOMED TODAY!!! I used to love to watch this plant each day. Buds on this plant only bloom on a sunny day and the bloom(s) only last that ONE day! It is such a delicate reminder of how short a life can be, but also how beautiful! Enjoy my bloom!

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