Monday, July 6, 2009

the week ends, the week begins...

Busy times here! We have been fairly busy. Hopefully I can sum up and then get back on my regular schedule... Bullet points are your friend:

* we have ripped up all the landscaping at the front of the house, we are currently trying to fill in with dirt and hopefully we can get some new plants in there next weekend (this is why I did NOT participate in the Friday home tour, b/c my yard is a wreck

* we went to our first prenatal class on Thursday! Class was supposed to last from 7pm-9pm but it ran late!! We did not leave the hospital until 9:30pm!! Yikes! We did learn about the actual stay and we got a tour of the labor and delivery floor. I was happy to learn that the hospital encourages "rooming-in" so the baby gets to spend the majority of his time in the room with me!

* Friday I fought the craziness at Wal-Mart to grab some groceries to make some stuff to take over to the cookout that we were invited to over at Dana's. Wal-Mart was so nuts that I thought I was going to lose my mind and only managed to grab the ingredients I needed and a few more items, mostly frozen Popsicle type things... I think I was hot and thirsty! I bought Jello Pudding Pops, Edy's frozen strawberry bars, and some of those ice-pop things....

* Saturday we drove to Nashville to meet up with my cousin, her family, her parents! I have not seen my Aunt and Uncle in close to 10 years!! They got to meet Josh and I think that it was so wonderful to see them again and that the whole visit was so awesome!

* Saturday evening my sister and her friend drove in from Birmingham!!! I have been wanting her to visit forever!! She went to the cookout with us and then we ended up escaping the rain while playing Wii and waiting for the fireworks to start!!

* Sunday we all slept in, had Jersey Mikes, went to the Mall, and then we went for pizza at Old Chicago!

* My sister left today and Josh went to work, so I took the time to put my feet up to work on reducing some of my again-formed cankles!! :(

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  1. You are so sweet! I got my congrats card today in the mail! I was so excited!

    Also, my hospital would not let the baby stay in our room at night. They said that someone had to stay awake the entire time he was in our room. I was mad at first, but everyone told me to let them have him at night!!