Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby bumps and such

Here I am at 27 weeks on 5.30.09!! I am sorry I have not uploaded any pictures of me. I am usually on the OTHER end of the camera! :)
Dante checking out Mama's new bump!

My two nerds today at lunch... Dante sits on top of Bailey because she is warm. He just does it to steal her body heat!
Today I slept ridiculously late. Normally I wake up when Josh is leaving for work, but he said I did not even stir. Usually I stay in bed for a little bit and he lets Bailey run around while I snooze. He left Bailey in her crate this morning because he figured I was really tired! How did he know!? Anyway, Josh came home for lunch. I made him tuna salad, so we had sandwiches. I went out later this afternoon and had a cup of TCBY. I have been trying to finish up Luke's rag wreath tonight. I hope to have pictures up of it tomorrow!