Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby nursery wreath!

So blog-fans... This magnificent wreath is what I have been working on! It took me more fabric and more time than I thought, but I think it turned out super cute. I wanted a cute wreath to hang on my hospital door at Luke's birth and I wanted something that I could bring home and actually keep! I searched high and low and all I found were diaper wreaths and I wasn't too keen on them, so I made my own out of strips of fabric! I added a couple of little items tucked away in the wreath and will probably add little mementos as I find them. I plan on opening up an etsy store soon to be able to sell these. I think they would be wonderful shower presents! I am excited to make a pink girly one!


  1. Well aren't you the most creative thing I have ever met?!! Great job Shana! I searched every where for a wreath too and could not find anything but a boa one. Great job! I have been trying to think of things to sell on etsy too...I don't have any crafty talents though!!

  2. aww linds... something will hit you! You are very creative! In the meantime... let anyone of your friends know that I have these available if the need arises! :)