Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My baby has a sense of humor :(

So I was hoping to post some awesome 4D ultrasound pictures of Luke today, but he had other plans! We went Saturday to have the ultrasound done and he was facing my back for the majority of the time and when he did turn over, he would throw his hand up in front of his face! The lady told us that we could come back because she hated that we didn't get a good picture. We made an appointment for Tuesday at 4pm!
Today, Josh left work early and came and got me from the house to go to the 4D place. We were excited! Luke was higher up today, but so high he was squished up against the cord and there was not any room to get a good view, then he turned his back to us, and finally he turned to where we could see him BUT... he stuck BOTH hands in front of his face!
We decided that he has a sense of humor and according to Josh "the baby is so beautiful, he thinks it is worth the wait for us to see him when he is born." Ugh!


  1. It sounds like he might be a celebrity when he grows up! :)

  2. he is hiding from the paparazzi!?!