Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blissdom is sold out and I am only 45 minutes away!

So, this week, I have been thinking about how all of my favorite bloggers are just down the street in Nashville and I AM NOT!!! Oh, the pain!! I have been checking out their sites and seeing how much fun they are having! The local news even ran a piece on all of them! If you haven't heard, they are all at BLISSDOM!!

Today I read the post at LIFE IN GRACE and she mentioned her friend @ Blessed Moon was having a blog party and so here we go! Thank you for having me to your party!!


I love to blog, I started it as a way to communicate with the world while waiting for my son to be born. I was very sick during my pregnancy, I was laid off from my job, and I was enjoying the peeks into the lives of all of these great women so I started Clarksville Capers.

I love to decorate and I love to see how other people live. I have too many hobbies to keep track of (but not enough time). I am married to the most wonderful man, I have finally been blessed with a sweet baby boy, I have a dog that I love and one that is growing on me. Add all of that to the 2 cats, the bird, and the lizard and life gets hectic. Oh yeah, did I mention.... I am NOW a FULL-TIME student! WHEW!


  1. I found you on the Blessed Moon's blog hop...I also linked up. Your blog is so cute. I too have way too many hobbies. Congrats on going back to school! That is so great.

  2. Not at Blissdom either, but enjoying the party nonetheless. Nice to meet you!

  3. and i am not too far from YOU, either!! only another few hours! :)
    thanks for linking up and joining my blog-hop! your blog design is too cute... love the 'paper'!

    ps: belated congratulations on your sweet son-he's adorable!

  4. OMG...OMG... I can't believe I just found another blogger here in Clarksville!

    I know what you mean about being only 45 minutes away... I had to go to Springfield on Friday Night and thought...shoot, I'm half-way there, if my hair weren't in a pony tail I might have crashed... but I doubt it...

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog from Patty's party, as I told one of the others I am so excited that someone who doesn't know me actually read my blog! Woo HOO! Yours is very cute and eye-catching.

  6. Oh, I know I would be even more inconsolable if I were that close. And yet so far. *big fat sigh* Oh, man, I am with you on the decorating & hobbies. So much, so little time, so little finished...
    Great to meet you!

  7. Girl you are singing my song....I am south of Nashville but still....there is always dreams of next year...