Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I love Thursdays!

Since you have hung in there this long, through my sporadic blogging and now through my renewed regular blogging (ahem, I know it has only been a week), I am going to share even more with you! We started with a theme this Wednesday and now here is a new Thursday series....


#1 I love....

a good vacuum! I have an obsession with clean carpets... I am a BIG fan of a certain brand... in fact, I don't even call it vacuuming, I call it Dysoning!!

My original DC07 died this summer after a few months of desperately trying to revive it with random parts suggested by the company. It was a wonderful purchase and I worked it to death over the 6-7 years that I had it. I know, you might think that isn't enough time to justify the purchase price of such a machine, but I dysoned daily... and not just my floors, I used EVERY attachment that came with it VERY regularly! Remember, I have 2 dogs, and at one point had 4 cats and a bird! I also love shaggy carpet (frieze, I think). So, based on all of this, when the original purple dyson died, I had to drive an hour to go pick up my second one!! This one has something called "airmuscle" and it SUCKS, but in a very good, picking up every last particle of dirt and pet hair kind of way!

I love my vacuum so much, that I have been a little disappointed that I haven't had the same amount of time to bond with my new DC28. At first I was too pregnant, then I couldn't use it because of my C-section, and now.... it is that whole "time" factor... Nevertheless... it is one of my MOST FAVORITE things....
I love the color of it, I love how easy it is to use, I love how well it works, I love that it is RELIABLE, I love that it does not use bags, I love that the filters are washable, I love that there is NO BELT to change, I love that the attachments are on board and easy to get to, and I LOVE, LOVE the carpet lines it leaves behind after I use it (see... I told you I have an obsession)!

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  1. Shana, I can relate entirely. After my son was born, my Mom bought me a wonderful vacuum. It was the first thing that she purchased for me after Andy was born, not baby clothes or furniture, or not even anything personal for me. She taught me that old saying "cleanliness is next to Godliness". Vacuuming isn't fun, but it makes a great difference when you have a great "tool" to use. After I left BellSouth, I purchased a few things that I had neglected and a new quality vacuum was on the list. It just feels good to have clean carpet and floors and overall a clean house.

    I love your blog and you inspired me to do something that I have been interested in doing for some time. I started my own blog with the heritage of recipes that my Mom left behind along with the real reason I was interested in blogging. I am relating family stories so that my family can remember the things my Mom and Grandmother shared and connecting the stories with the recipes. Hopefully others will enjoy8 them as well as my family. I will let you know when it is public and perfected.

    Thanks for sharing.