Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Why didn't you tell me" Wednesday #2

Why didn't you tell me:

- that I will almost always "get ready" for my day, just by brushing my hair/teeth and putting on clean PJs
- that I will go days without straightening or curling or fixing my hair...
- that I will go even LONGER without shaving my legs...
- that I will develop a DEEP appreciation for house shoes (I LIVE in my UGGS too)

-that getting a few minutes in the shower will be the absolute highlight of my day on most days (


  1. Shana, what do I say? It's winter, it's grey and it seems pointless sometimes to do anything else. Been there, but to encourage you...the shower is a great refuge, but do some other things for yourself that include Luke. It may seem all about him, but if you don't take care of "Shana" you can't take care of your guys. Do get outside when you can. Just a walk with Luke in a stroller on a regular basis is good for him and you. Pamper yourself once in a while. Find a mother's day out that you trust and include that once a week in your schedule. Maybe you could coop with some other Moms that need the time as well. Sorry, but the old saying is true, when Mama isn't happy, then no one in the family is. YOU ARE IMPORTANT, take time for YOU!

  2. LOL... this is too funny... I remember those days when you had to "steal" a moment to shower...

  3. Yep, I LOVE my house shoes too! I got Uggs ones for Christmas and they are awesome!