Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blackberries and monograms

After a morning spent on the phone with the DSL department and the regular repair department at AT&T, I was told that: 1. a DSL tech would be out here sometime between 8-12 on Monday and 2. that the phone line would be fixed sometime between "now" and 5 pm on the 5th... (Dana, who lives across the street, called and was told sometime on the 6th!)....
Realizing that having no Internet would free up a lot of my day, Josh and I decided to hang out in Clarksville for the day. We went to Jersey Mike's for lunch, TCBY for "after lunch", to Hodgepodge and Artifacts downtown, over to CD warehouse and Hastings, Hobby Lobby and finally HOME! I picked up some really cool pictures that spell out Luke's name at Artifacts. They are taken by a local artist around Clarksville. We went to Hobby Lobby to get a frame and ended up having a mat made for them. VERY CUTE! After we got home, we set up the Blackberry lifeline, and I hopped online. The Blackberry IS handy, but it is kinda like a fast dial-up at this point. I cannot check in on my Facebook FarmTown, I HAVE tried, but after like 10 minutes, it still would not load properly so I gave up.

I got offline and moved over to the Brother PE 400D... This is an embroidery sewing machine that I have borrowed from Mom. I have been trying (slowly) to teach myself to use it this week. It had been pretty simple to use until tonight! I learned the importance of using stabilizer under EVERYTHING. It took me 3 forevers to get everything all untangled and back in proper working order. I was trying to put Luke's name on a burp cloth (which I thought was thick enough to go without the stabilizer) and I ended up with a tangled mess. The needle basically got stuck and stitched the same spot 3,000 times! A serious mess. I did end up finally getting it to work, but it came out crooked because the hoop you use to hold the fabric, does not really accommodate thicker fabrics and I was lucky to even get it to stay without popping apart. DRAMA! I am thankful though for the chance to get to borrow the machine. It gives me great insight into what features to look for when I finally get my own.

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  1. You know how to embroider??? WHAT? That is so AWESOME! I can't wait to see the fruits of your labor.

    Also, love the "Luke" prints.