Saturday, May 9, 2009

Living room pictures!

So I have a split foyer, and some weird openings.... this is pretty much the only arrangement that works for the space. I LOVE my sofa, it looks lumpy b/c it is filled with DOWN! It is the best place in the house for a nice nap. I spent about 4 months recently living on the sofa b/c I was so very sick with my pregnancy.
This is what you see across from the sofa. I love curling up in my lounge. That bin beside it is the "doggy toy box" and the wicker object in the floor is Dante's house.

Here is a better picture of Dante's house (complete with Dante). He loves his house and takes every opportunity to go inside and curl up in his super-comfy bed. His house is great, the flap on the side lifts up to reveal "attic storage." We keep doggie treats and clothes in the attic of his house.
p.s. Dante's house was purchased from GrandinRoad
Here is a better shot of my NEW bookcase! Since my walls are so weird, I didn't think that a picture would look right. I hung the clock instead. This view shows my little eat in kitchen area. Notice that the curtains are wrapped on the rod. Fred, our kitten is fascinated with "hiding" in them and then running at lightning speed. In order to save my curtains, they have been up like this for several months. Fred will soon be declawed (the only one of my cats to have to go through this). He has destroyed several areas of carpet already! Speaking of carpet, I am planning on getting a rug for my living room. I just have NEVER found one that Josh and I can both live with.

This is the view when you come up the stairs and look to the right. One of the reasons I bought this house is because it had these arched doorways. The little statue is of a Pakistani soldier in the British Army prior to 1945. Above it hangs a picture of my great-grandfather who actually was a Pakistani soldier in the British Army! There are actually two arch openings on the left hand side that go into my dining room. The door at the end goes into my bedroom. There is an open doorway on the right that goes into the kitchen. That rack you see hanging on the wall is a great little shelf with hooks. I hang my purse and my keys there when I come home! I haven't finished up with the bookcase, I just got it today, remember?

Hi all! It has been a busy day. I keep having those lately! We went to Opry Mills today. I wanted to go to my favorite store Black Lion. Josh wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop and the Gibson store. Our original plan was to take in a movie too, but we ended up just shopping and then eating lunch. After Opry Mills, we came back to Clarksville and went over to Office Depot to pick up my new bookcase! We came home, Josh assembled the bookcase while I made brownies for Dana and we watched the first episodes of Star Trek. When brownies were cool enough (but still warm) I cut them up, and took them to Dana. She gave me a chimnea today because she was cleaning out her garage and didn't want it anymore. I have been so busy working on the house, I haven't gone outside to see it! When I came home, I vacuumed the living room (so I could take the pictures! ha) and took pictures. I hope you enjoy!


  1. I love the new bookcase! Did you post it on Kelly's Korner??

  2. Yes I posted to Kelly's Korner last night.... very late entry!

  3. Where did you get Dante's house!!? I love it! My dog Brandon deserves one like it!!! LOL