Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

This is my FIRST mother's day present from baby Luke!!! He has such good taste!

Dad looking at pictures that I stuck in Mom's card.

Mom and Dad

Josh and Mom

Josh's grandmother's buffet that we have inherited. (that is her picture on the left) I set up the tea on here. Josh bought the flowers this afternoon.

Today was the Mother's Day Tea. Only 2 of us drank "the tea" and 2 of us had iced tea. I am glad I made it as a backup! I made egg salad sandwiches, dark chocolate brownies,and blueberry cheesecake muffins. I did not make the pepperidge farm cookies or the double chocolate cookies. I had two types of tea: Earl Grey (which Dad tried) and Chai (which is my fav). All in all, it was a nice afternoon. I am tired now and working on washing up the dishes... maybe I will have another cup of tea while I work!

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  1. I love yall's header picture. It makes you look like you are in some genuine Mexican restaurant deep in the heart of Mexico. Cutest couple ever! Hey, I'd love to see some pics of you pregnant!

    Jenn Maggio