Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fabulous Finials

Yesterday I went to an antique store here in Clarksville and I found these fabulous finials. They are now proudly displayed in my bedroom! I am using them as curtain tie backs! Every time you look at them, it seems that you find a different color scheme. No matter what angle, they STILL match my quilt!!
Today I found my little cat, Thumbelina a new cover for her bed. I found a pillow sham made of the same fabrics in my quilt, just in a different layout! It is super cute. I will post pics of this when Kelly spotlights Master Bedrooms, I guess.
Tonight I find myself in a dilemma. One of my SILs is having a a ceremony for her associates degree commencement in Paducah on Friday. It is 1.5 hours away. I would have to leave around rush hour to get there for the ceremony at 7 pm. Josh is unable to go with me because of his work schedule. I am wondering how long the ceremony will last and what time I will be getting back on the road to drive 1.5 hours BACK home. I hate to NOT go, but I am wondering if it is a smart option... I would love comments, thoughts, etc. I have a couple of days to decide...


  1. Love em! I think you should go to the's the right thing to do!! Where is Josh working??

  2. I think you should go to the graduation. That is a huge deal for most people, so you definitely want to show your support.