Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am taking it easier than usual today. It was raining some this morning so I took time to snap a few pictures with my new camera. I am hoping to take a photography class next month! The first pictures are the pots of petunias that are currently sitting patiently on my back porch. They want to be re potted into my nice pots, but I just haven't done it yet. The next picture is of a figurine that I have wanted to have for a long while. My doctor has it in her office too. It is from the Willow Tree and it is named "cherish." I put it next to the picture I have framed of Luke. I am truly blessed to have him and cannot wait for him to arrive in August! I go in his nursery every day and just picture him in his crib. Of course, I go in his nursery a million times a day because I am working on all sorts of stuff in there! You will see the progress in a few days!
(umm, I have noticed that in a lot of my posts, blogger decides to rearrange my pictures. I write about them in one order and they pop up in another! argh!)

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  1. You have to upload the ones you want first on the post...last! Crazy I know! I just move them around on the "html" page!