Monday, May 4, 2009


I have been looking at all of the kitchens on Kelly's Korner. It has inspired me to do some decorating of my own. I was too late to actually participate in the kitchen addition, as I just started my blog on on Friday, but spruced up my kitchen this afternoon. I have thought of so many ideas for things to do around the house before baby Luke gets here.
Josh asked me tonight what I wanted for Mother's Day!!! I told him that I would like a corner shelf/bakers rack for the kitchen because I need somewhere to display things (especially pictures of the new baby)! We would have gone to look tonight, but I have been feeling awful and didn't really get on with my day until 2:30pm. I was up at 4 am and watched the sun rise through the large semi-circle window in our bedroom! Not a good night, to say the least!
When I finally got out of the house, I went to Arby's for a ridiculously overpriced roast beef sandwich! They are the last fast food place out there that hasn't figured out that the economy pretty much stinks! It was the only thing that I could think of that was kind of plain. Luke does not allow me to eat chicken anymore, my options are limited. After Arby's, I went to Hobby Lobby (I know, I was JUST there on Saturday), then returned some movies for Josh, and finally got an oil change and picked up some canned food for Dante.
Tomorrow I am going to Birmingham to visit my dad for his birthday! I am thinking that we can just pick up some take-out Pakistani food, grab a cake, and have a little party at the house. I will be so tired from driving that I think that is about all I can handle. Currently my plans are to just stay Tuesday night and drive back late Wednesday afternoon/evening. I need to work on some things here at the house and get ready for a TEA PARTY! Yes, I am having a Mother's Day Tea Party for Josh's mom (herein referred to as Mom)! I thought it would be something neat to start since I am going to be a mom soon. Next year I plan to invite some friends and my SIL.
Okay, so enough blogging for tonight. I need to get a shower and get packed!


  1. Don't you love Kelly's Korner?? It's my fav blog ever!!! I planned a Mother's Day brunch ast year for my friends and their moms last mothers day. I had all the pairs dress alike! The pic in on FB! It was a blast! Also, I had NO idea that you bought that guitar onesie for Luke. I just happened across it and thought of you!

  2. No chicken??!!! I couldn't imagine such a thing! I eat chicken at least once a day and twice on sundays...

    I love your blog, by the way.