Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The rest of my sofa?

Okay loyal Blog Fans... What have I been up to that prevented me from posting for 2 days? Window treatments (or rather mistreatments) have been occupying my time! I finished this one today. It is the EXACT same fabric as my favorite sofa! I bought my sofa in Baton Rouge and I found this fabric in Clarksville!!! Wow! I also bought some fabric to finish up the window treatments for Luke's room and to redo the windows in the LR and DR. If I have enough left over, I am going to redo the seats to this bistro set as well. Hancocks is having a pretty giant sale. All decorator fabrics are 40% off and they have these remnant bolts that are marked down to 5.99 and 4.99 a yard!
Today I went to the doctor. I have gained another 3 pounds! That puts the running total for the pregnancy at 4 pounds! My doctor was happy that I have started gaining now. I am at 25 weeks for those of you wondering. I have to go back in 3 weeks to take a glucose tolerance test... sounds yucky.


  1. 4 pounds! I gained that the first day! ha! The glucose stuff is yuck. It is the sweetest stuff ever!

  2. the curtain's look good- can i give you fabrix and have you sew stuff for me :)

  3. they aren't actually sewn! That is why instead of treatments, these are called "mistreatments" ha! But who is going to know? I would happily help you Rachel... I will be posting the ones I am doing for my dining room and for the baby's room and you can see if you are still brave enough to want my "help"!