Monday, May 25, 2009

Memories and Memorial Day

Josh and his sister, Karen (mother of "the boys")

My almost 7-year-old-Caleb

My precious nephews (aka "the boys") came to visit us today on their way to DisneyWorld for an 8 day trip!! Since the older one (Caleb) will have a birthday while he is in Florida, we decided to have a birthday party bash here! We had a Star Wars cake, complete with working light sabers! We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had all the trimmings. Mom and dad came down from Paducah to join in on the party. Caleb wanted to have hair dye for his birthday present and so he has been reapplying temporary hair dye since school let out! Baby Noah is on his way to being such a big boy. He is talking up a storm and wanted to watch Dora! He will not be two until August. They brought us lots of good hand-me-downs and I will be excited to look through them tomorrow. Tonight, I am just resting on the couch while Josh plays Resident Evil and my laundry (which I was behind on due to the previous malfunctions) gets "squeaky clean."

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