Friday, May 1, 2009

Luke's Room so far... (upscale safari)

So, Friday night... Rain, rain, go away? It has rained almost every day this week! Today has been the worst! Of course, Josh welcomes the rain because it means he does not have to water the sod. I would just like the sun to peek through at some point!
Josh rented a couple of movies (neither of which I want to see). I will instead search online to find some baskets for storage under Luke's changing table.
We also set the date for a Birmingham baby shower! The theme is baby blue and white with RUBBER DUCKIES!! I cannot wait! Thank you to Laini in advance for hosting at her beautiful home! I will also be having a Tennessee shower, TBA.

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  1. upscale safari! LOVE IT!! I call Bennett's nursery "Sophiscated Baby!"