Sunday, May 17, 2009

Painting and grilling

Yikes, no post since Friday! It seems that the trend here is to post every two days! Sorry loyal followers... Yesterday I taped off the chair rail portion of Luke's room. Josh painted. Today I taped off the two horizontal stripes that are at the top of the room and Josh is currently painting them! I will post some pictures soon. I finally found a rug online and it should be delivered this week (I hope). Okay Lindsey, I told you a story b/c I still have not posted pics of my guest room. I will this week. I am glad that Kelly posted the schedule for the remaining rooms so I can actually be on top of things! Alrighty, well I am going to see if I can grill some hot dogs in the nice cold weather that we are having tonight. When I planned on grilling, I also planned on the high being higher than 66. Who knows what it is like now since the sun is going down! Wish me luck!

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  1. I am a loyal follower of Clarksville Capers. I cannot wait to see the pics! I like the schedule too. I have the next 2 weeks ready to go!