Friday, May 8, 2009

Cat scratch fever?

Uggh... today I got up EARLY and took Fred to the vet for his "operation." Apparently somebody tipped him off because I now have two huge scratches on the side of my "life pod" (stomach) from trying to get my normally laid-back kitten into the car! Since I was up early, I treated myself to breakfast at McDonalds. I then went to Target, Fabric Warehouse, Hancock Fabrics (scored a $50 lamp for $15!!), and of course...Hobby Lobby! I am obsessed. After my stops, I came home to check the mail, let the dogs out and feed them, and to rest for a bit. I did not rest, instead I started re-decorating. My lunch plans were ruined because we had a very long-lasting tornado warning. I ended up having to eat leftover pizza. I guess it is better than what Josh had to do during the storm. He had to stand outside the vault at the bank on base!! He was text messaging me back and forth the whole time. A lot of complaining going on from his end as I replied in weather updates. Finally I was free to move about town and went to buy my groceries. Friday afternoons are a terrible time to have to buy groceries. I was supposed to pick up Fred after 4:15pm and at 4:31pm, I was STILL in line at Kroger. I had no phone reception and had to wait until I got to my car and unloaded all of my groceries to let the clinic know that I was running late. Fortunately the clinic closed at 5:30pm so I made it in time to pick up the little bug. Josh was home when I got home and carried Fred and all of the groceries in.
I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight and Chess Pie squares for dessert. I have never made EITHER of these! The Shepherd's Pie turned out really good and I think the taste of the Chess Pie is awesome, but it needs to get more firm. I hope that it will be settled by morning because I want to take some to my friend, Dana, down the street.
My intention was to post pictures of my living room for Kelly's Korner. Again, I am behind due to all the surgery/tornado/dinner/decorating dramas of today. I do plan on posting some pictures soon for all of my friendies that haven't visited.
I guess I will go get ready for bed. Tomorrow we are planning on going to Opry Mills to see a movie at the IMAX and to shop at Black Lion (yay!).


  1. Your blog is awesome- see Im a follower. And this Kelly's Korner thing is amazing- I may have to post even if my house the size of Tom Thumb's.

  2. I am obsessed with Hobby Lobby too! Let's see your living room!!!